Juke does Standup Comedy!

Juke brings his own brand of humour and storytelling to raucous heights with hilarious jokes from years of touring live music venues, entertaining seniors, and literally being a human Jukebox!

Human Nature is FUNNY!

Real life gives us the gift of everything we need to find something or someone to share a laugh with! 

Rapid-fire one liners!

The best jokes are the simplest ones! Juke fires them out, one after another without making you wait. Simple humour about life that everyone gets and gets everyone.


Nobody brings the funny quite like a great audience! You're the real stars! Juke encourages audience participation with lots of ad lib moments that bring the house down!

Love yourself, laugh yourself!

Self-laughter is the best medicine! Finding the humour in our own deeply human flaws is a great road to happiness with ourselves and with others.

Clean or Edgy!

Whether it's an all ages, family friendly show, or something a bit more risque, Juke finds the right tone to fit your event! 

Humour brings harmony!

Whether it's for a wedding, family reunion, corporate team-building, or just to celebrate the community you live in, laughter brings us all together!