Add a nice contrast to your event with live games, hosted by Juke! Games bring groups together and nothing gets people laughing together quite like the hysterical fun of games!

Jukebox Bingo!

Each player dabs the corresponding square for a song when it comes on. When a card/pattern is complete, watch the excitement! BINGO!!! Great for giving out free prizes to your group!*

*Prizes provided by the event buyer.

High Kick Competition

Juke puts on some AC/DC or something super rockin' and we see who has the greatest rock'n'roll high kick, scream, etc.
Judging for prizes* by audience applause!

*Prizes provided by the event buyer.

Make the Boss LAUGH!

Bosses are serious. It's up to the gamesters to make the Boss laugh. Whomever gets the Boss to laugh first wins a prize!*

*Prizes provided by the event buyer.

Name That Tune

Your guests will LOVE winning prizes* for identifying songs before anyone else does! It's a classic Party game!

*Prizes provided by the event buyer.

Trivia Time!

Throughout the night, Juke will ask various trivia questions. Players are given progress cards and whomever completes theirs first wins a prize!* An enjoyable way to build team spirit for a corporate event involves Trivia based on your corporate history, website, and chatting with guests in advance of the game.

*Prizes provided by the event buyer.

Custom Games

There are hundreds of incredibly fun group games to play. If you have one in mind that's not listed here - Juke is happy to host it expertly, and fine tune it to fit the theme of your event, company, etc.